Sunday, 15 April 2012


Here are some photos I took today of my friend Nicole. She's probably one of my favourite people to take pictures of because she doesn't care that there's people around her and she has plenty of fun with it. (Such as asking boys for their skateboards for pictures/screaming 'hello' to passers by to get a good shot). 

Nicole then took the camera off my hands and snapped some shots of me, but with myself being as awkward as I am in front of cameras, I'd say this was as best as we could get. 

Behind the camera is definitely better than in front of it.x

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Jag Kommer Att Hålla Upp Detta

I have decided I'm going to keep up to date with this blogging thing. And this time, I mean it.

In my absence I have photographed more and here are some of the final images:


I shot these images for a new local band- Heirlooms, check them out on YouTube and Facebook.


As it is now Spring, I am in the midst of updating my wardrobe, injecting clothes as sugary and sweet as I can find into it. I have become obsessed with pretty pastels, embroidery and soft fabrics. Even my nails have not been a dark colour for two months now and are currently sporting a pastel yellow with blue pastel love-hearts painted on them (which wasn't easy, especially on the right hand). So for now I will leave you all but will return, in a matter of days with outfit posts to finally get this blog more exciting and worth all of your time.x

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Bättre Kvar Osynlig

Hello, long time, I'm really sorry.

In the months that have passed a lot has happened. 2012 has arrived, I have turned 17 and lastly been accepted to University to study Journalism.

I have also taken a lot of pictures and would like to share some with you :


I hope this year treats all of you very nicely. x


Next time I promise I won't leave for so long.