Monday, 31 October 2011

Jag Är Hans Tjej

An obsession has started. I have spent the majority of my night with Friends- I'm His Girl on repeat. If you haven't checked out this band, I suggest you do it NOW.

Now that's the soundtrack to this post sorted. 

Carrying on with the Autumn theme, I have been raking through my wardrobes and drawers and put together my first Autumn outfit, complete with wedge boots, a dark floral print and some chord. The outcome of said look is the reason why I love autumn/winter clothes so much more than summer as they have a certain feel to them, one of quality and warmth (not just because the clothes are thicker).

Skirt and Necklace- Topshop
Jumper- A shop in Australia, I can't remember the name, sorry!

Just a quick post for tonight. x

Saturday, 29 October 2011


First post, so I'll start with saying Hi, I'm Lauren.

I'll start with Autumn, it's the current season and it's my favourite season. I ventured out with my new camera today (which has been stuck to me since I got it three days ago) and captured some shots of the incredible shapes, colours and textures Autumn brings.


So to fit in with the Autumn mood, I've selected some perfect Autumn dresses, shoes and bags. Inspired by the colours and patterns above.

Top Row- Topshop
Middle Row- ASOS
Bottom Row- Zara

I am currently updating my wardrobe to incorporate Autumn colours, I always feel my best when dressed in A/W clothing. Now to snap as many Autumn photographs as I can, as before we know it those incredible colours will soon be gone and replaced with a sheet of white. x

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