Monday, 31 October 2011

Jag Är Hans Tjej

An obsession has started. I have spent the majority of my night with Friends- I'm His Girl on repeat. If you haven't checked out this band, I suggest you do it NOW.

Now that's the soundtrack to this post sorted. 

Carrying on with the Autumn theme, I have been raking through my wardrobes and drawers and put together my first Autumn outfit, complete with wedge boots, a dark floral print and some chord. The outcome of said look is the reason why I love autumn/winter clothes so much more than summer as they have a certain feel to them, one of quality and warmth (not just because the clothes are thicker).

Skirt and Necklace- Topshop
Jumper- A shop in Australia, I can't remember the name, sorry!

Just a quick post for tonight. x

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  1. WE don't have autumn in our country but that does not stop me from wearing an autumn outfit :D And hey cool song, the one's playing in my head on repeat right now is the song Someone Like You by Adelle. :) I find your blog so interesting. It'll be lovely if we could follow each other! I am following you now :)

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