Friday, 4 November 2011



I recently took this photograph whilst on holiday to Australia at a wildlife park. We had been watching the peacock wander around the kangaroos and I managed to snap a few pictures of it with it's feathers down which is still spectacular, until it ruffled it's whole body and done this:

It took me a few (okay A LOT more than a few) shots to get it right where I wanted it, they like to show off to everyone so it moved a lot. But I'm really proud of this image as it's so striking, so thanks Peacock.

So inspired by the above image, here are shoes, all from ASOS, incorporating the amazing colours of the bird-

These shoes are also great for Autumn/Winter, my personal favourites are the brown lace up boot, green and blue t-bar chunky heels and the brown, gold and black chunky heels. X

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  1. Nice shoes!